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Vintage - The Wrestlers Statue, 1842-1881

Vintage - The Wrestlers Statue, 1842-1881   White Alabaster Marble   No flaws or damage -- In Excel..

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145AD Roman Silver Denarius Coin Empress Faustina Jr Goddess of Hope Spes Flower

Silver Roman Denarius of Empress Faustina the Younger Wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (of “Gladiator..

Ex Tax: $129.99

1955 Modern Library Decameron 14thC Medieval Florence Italy Black Death Plague

The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio Translated by Frances Winwar - Complete and Unabridged. DESCRI..

Ex Tax: $29.99

19thC Antique 13ct Garnet Ancient Celt Roman Greek Persian Safe Travel Amulet

Uncommon 19th Century Hand Cut and Faceted Thirteen Carat Green Grossular Garnet Briolette Teardrop ..

Ex Tax: $159.99

19thC Antique 1¾ct Zircon Medieval Traveler Plague Black Death Lightening Amulet

Exquisite Antique Genuine Natural Russian One and Three-Quarter Carat Intense, Vivid Lake Blue Color..

Ex Tax: $219.99

19thC Antique 4ct+ Amethyst Gem of Bacchus Roman Wine God Hoplite Spartan Amulet

Two Beautiful Three-Quarter Carat Antique Genuine Natural Pastel Amethyst Faceted Ovals. Mounted int..

Ex Tax: $169.99

19thC Antique Poland Green Amethyst Ancient Celt Roman Greek Warrior Amulet Ring

Antique 19th Century Handcrafted Two and One-Quarter Carat Green Amethyst from Poland (Handcrafted i..

Ex Tax: $149.99

2 Antique 19thC ¼ct Apatite Dinosaur Gem + Vertebrate Bones Greek Goddess Apate

Two Antique 19th Century Genuine Natural One Quarter Carat Hand Crafted Siberian Emerald Green Apati..

Ex Tax: $79.99

200AD Genuine Roman Dacia (Romania) Bronze Geometric Style Engraved Ring Sz4½

Genuine Ancient Engraved Roman Bronze Ring Third Century A.D. CLASSIFICATION: Ancient Roman Bronze ..

Ex Tax: $129.99

A Greek Pottery Blackware Guttos, ca. 5th-3rd Century B.C.

Culture: ApulianDate: ca. 5th-3rd Century B.C.Medium: PotteryCondition: IntactProvenance: Ex: German..

Ex Tax: $300.00

AD196 Ancient Roman Silver Coin Emperor Severus Goddess Indulgentia Throne Robed

Silver Roman Denarius of Emperor Septimius Severus with a Reverse Theme Depicting the Roman Goddess ..

Ex Tax: $289.99

AD300 Ancient Roman Provincial Pannonia (Hungary) Faux Gemstone Bronze Ring Sz6

  Handsome, Elegant Size 6 Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Ring 300 A.D. CLASSIFICATION: Ancient Roman..

Ex Tax: $179.99

AD300 Ancient Roman Thrace (Bulgaria) Ring Sz6 + Antique 19thC 3ct Lapis Lazuli

Very Elegant Size 6 Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Ring 300 A.D. CLASSIFICATION: Ancient Roman Bronze..

Ex Tax: $299.99

AD300 Roman Pannonia (Hungary) Bronze Ring Sz9¼ Antique 19thC 8ct Carnelian Gem

 Very Elegant Size 9 1/4 Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Ring 300 A.D. CLASSIFICATION: Ancient Roman Br..

Ex Tax: $299.99

AD300 Roman Thracia (Bulgaria Serbia) Brooch Pendant + 19thC Antique 8¼ct Agate

Handsome Ancient Roman Bronze Brooch Pendant and Chain. Mounted with Antique Nineteenth Century Hand..

Ex Tax: $149.99

Ancient Greek Campanian Pottery Guttos Ca. 350 B.C.

Ancient Greek Campanian Pottery Guttos Ca. 350 B.C.Size: 5 inches High. x 6-1/4 inches.Fine Black gl..

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Antique Aussy Black Opals Ancient Roman Cupid Stone Mark Antony’s Gem Gold Studs

Two Antique 1920's Rare Genuine Black "Lightening Ridge" Australian Opal Oval Semi-Precious Gemstone..

Ex Tax: $329.99

Butting Bull

Bronze Statuette of a Butting Bull, Italian 14th Century. Resembling closely the animal sculptures a..

Ex Tax: $7,500.00

Capodimonte Italian Table Lamp Excellent Condition - Chicago Area Pickup

This lamp was purchased by my grandmother in 1980.  It is in excellent condition.  I live in Flossmo..

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Capodimonte Porcelain Rose Wall Decor Plaque Gold Signed

This auction is for one of three porcelain Capodimonte floral and framed wall hangings. What you see..

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